Saturday, January 8, 2011

Giveaway alert!

There's an amazing giveaway over at FunnyFace Beauty's blog! It's a pretty stellar bunch of prizes! You can snag a makeup bag, an Audrey Hepburn calendar, MAC shadows, pigmet, lip products, all over lotion, brow pencil, and brush, Buxom glosses, SJP NYC perfume and refillable purse spray, OCC Lip Tar and Loose Colour, and...
an Urban Decay Naked Palette!! 

How cool is that? Go check out the contest - I know I'm definitely entering! It lasts until January 11th, so you still have a few days!


Wet 'n' Wild Fast Dry Collection 2011

Hello lovelies!

For my first swatch post, I decided to showcase some new pretties from my favorite drugstore line, 

Wet 'n Wild. I had heard about this new television-themed line last fall, and have been waiting 
impatiently ever since!

I picked up three from this collection at my local Walgreens yesterday. They were $1.99 apiece, 

which is a steal!

First we have Gray's Anatomy, which as far as I can tell is a dupe for Zoya's Ki, minus the $7 

price tag!

This is three coats on my pinkie nail. How gorgeous is that! (No flash with indoor lighting.) This 

is a very sheer polish. One coat was kind of bleh, (But it would work well for layering), and two 
coats was pretty but it didn't jump out at me. Three was the charm, at least for me.

Here's the next one, called Party of Five Glitters:

This was 2 thin coats. As always, I had to manipulate the glitter a bit to make it pleasing to 
the eye. (And I beg of you, please forgive my horrible nails! I'm still trying to get rid of the

And last but not least, here is

Excuse me while I pass out... ;) I used two coats for my picture. As you can see, there is still VNL, 
but I'm sure that an extra coat would cure that. I want to try this layered over an orange or yellow 

I thought that Gray's Anatomy would be my favorite. But takes the prize! It looks 
a bit odd on my pale January skin, but I'm envisioning it on my tanned toes this summer, and let 
me tell you, it's going to look good

 There are several others in this collection that I'll be purchasing, not to mention the new Wild 

Shines, the new Megalasts, the new eyeshadow trios, and the 8 pan eyeshadow palettes, oh my!

I remember when I got a frosty pink lipgloss from WnW that I loved to death. Then, I drifted 

away and started buying polishes and eyeshadows with a bigger price tag. Now, I'm back, and 
I'm in love with this brand! Pricier doesn't always mean better, and for a recent high school 
grad that can't find a steady job, WnW is a godsend! 

hugs & kisses,

Review: NailRitz Nail Art Pens

Hello again!

If you're anything like me, you like nail art. You also may or may not have a steady hand when 

it comes to those L.A. Colors Art Deco polishes. (You know, the ones with the very, very long bristles and the fine tip?) I can never get a very fine line with those, and I find them a bit hard 
to control when I try to do any detail work.

If you can relate to any of that, keep reading:

I got these for Christmas, and as far as I can tell, these are identical to the Migi Nail Art 

Pens. See?:

They have a very fine metal tip, and the entire top can be unscrewed and then you can use 
them as regular nail polish with a brush. 

I don't like to use them as a polish; I have plenty of normal, non-metal-tipped bottles of 
polish, and the brush isn't that great. But I imagine that they could work in a pinch, and 
would save a lot of space in a suitcase or purse.

Here's an example of the nail art I've done with these:

Kinda cute, isn't it? ☺ The bows and the dots were both done with the black nail art 

At first, the polish might be thin, or hard to control. It might puddle up on your nail, and 
you'll have to learn to regulate how much pressure you place on the tube. I had to squeeze 
out quite a bit to get it to stop oozing out the top and messing up my designs. The polish 
dries quickly, unless you have one of the aforementioned puddles. And of course, there's 
plenty of room for user error. I'm still not a pro with these. But they're a lot of fun, and 
they'll make manis at my little sister's birthday party so much easier! 

Overall, I recommend these. They're great for polka dots and other simple designs, and 
with more practice, I expect to be doing more complicated designs. 

hugs & kisses,

Heads up! 50% off deal at Walgreens!

I was so happy when I read this on Nouveau Cheap's blog:

Wet 'n' Wild is 50% off at Walgreens 1/9-1/15! However, my friend was there this evening, and she was able to get two of the new liners and a gloss for half off, so they may already be honoring the sale at your local stores as well! 

I don't anticipate finding a full display of anything by the time I'm able to go shopping, but I crossing my fingers and hoping that I'll be able to get a few palettes, polishes, and liners. And then, of course, I'll share the love and post swatches of everything. :)